Guild News

Seers of War

by Arthon (Grey), 114 days ago



After almost 6 years running, we have decided to stop raiding. It's good to see that these years meant something and nonetheless you're committed to preserve friendships! Many good memories shared, and more will be gained wherever we are. Wish you all the best and thank you for the dedication.

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Battle for Azeroth is coming!

by Arthon (Grey), 178 days ago


Two weeks left for the expansion! We'll take this time to announce our plans and changes for the future. For now, changes for our members and raiders. More to come!

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End It ALL!

by Wing Weaver, 286 days ago

It is done... Finally done.
That concludes the raid season for Legion. Good job all the people who participated on our progress!

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Eyes Finally Opened to the Truth

by Wing Weaver, 334 days ago

So close to the end.
Aggramar has fallen, let us have final push for Argus!

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Blades, Storms And Flames! Oh My.

by Wing Weaver, 356 days ago

Getting closer to the end. But things are only about the get more interesting.

Coven is dead and we are finally 9/11 mythic.

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