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Arthon (Grey)
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:21 am    Post subject: Social Runs



Battle for Azeroth will be opening the first raid very soon, Uldir! Time to talk about our anticipated Social Runs.

The first thing to announce is the schedule change. For this expansion, these will be ran on Sundays 20h server time, with the usual duration of 2-3 hours. The officer responsible for these will be Bethi.

To clarify the reason of this change: Sunday was previously occupied by the main raids; with this day now vacant, we felt this a more suitable choice for these runs, as more people tend to be available.



Purpose & Direction


These runs have the intent of providing some level of raiding experience for those that are not part of our main team. It is also an avenue that allows a further direct path to your character progression (that otherwise as social might not be a priority goal) - and naturally, to have an activity that can embrace all types of members and promote socialization within the guild.

We are also going to try something different this expansion and aim higher. The main drawback of raiding is its repetition and this aspect is also somewhat felt in past social runs. With this in mind we are going to try to transit faster to other difficulties and venture a little bit into mythic.



Accessibility & Requirements


Everyone in the guild is allowed to participate! Your previous raiding experience is not relevant. Don't feel shy or uncertain if you're welcome, the main purpose of these is your enjoyment and be part of something without the usual raiding drawbacks or exclusions with the help of the guild. You can also have your friends joining us, assuming there are spots remaining. Due to the flexibility nature of normal and heroic, you can also join us whenever you're available (once again, assuming there are free slots remaining).

However we must not forget this is an activity very reliant on team work and group performance. Therefore, to not harm the team as a whole, there will be some practical requirements in place:

  • Item Level requirements for Uldir: 335 for Normal, 355 for Heroic and 375 for Mythic later on. These requirements might change depending on circumstances or feedback.

  • Properly optimized with gems and enchants;

  • Be minimally prepared: this is important - while we might address a complex mechanic, we are generally not going to explain the fights for you. It doesn't take much effort or time to check a couple of videos or read simple written guides explaining the basic points.


Some additional comments regarding your level of engagement in these. These runs are to be relaxed, mistakes can (and will) be made. You are allowed to do mistakes, we are not here to judge you as a full-fledged raider and have an overly demanding mindset. But considering the direction we want them to take this expansion, there are two important points that I'd like to underline.

  • Learning process: we don't expect you to perform perfectly, but we hope that there is a learning curve followed over time. We will teach you how to deal with abilities, we will be there to clarify any doubts. As said before, you are allowed to do mistakes and the chance to improve on them will be given. But as we progress further and advance to more difficult modes we expect by then you're able to deal with the present mechanics, otherwise we'll have no choice but to exclude you in order to have the rest of the team progressing.

  • Alt switching: if you want to participate in higher modes, we do not recommend alt switching - not until your character is able to fulfill the requirements for the next mode, at least. After that, you should be able to. But a reminder the purpose of these is to not boost your characters but get you involved and give you a hand in this adventure.





We will use Personal loot. No choice there any longer! If you have loot that can be traded, the decision will be up to you. We are not going to enforce a trade and no one should start whispering around begging for an item. If you wish to give the item away, just ask to roll for it (there might be some exceptions here where we'll have to prioritize present raiders if circumstances align like we did in the past: specific trinkets/weapons; but as you saw, these rarely happened).


Announcements & Cancellation


The best way to keep up to date with this activity is pay attention to announcements given on our guild community or discord (If you're not part of the guild, strongly advise to consider joining these).

If the event does not have enough signs or the required roles to proceed, the event most likely will be up for cancellation. It is important for us you clarify your status and not just put yourself as tentative, so the organizer knows what to expect. If you don't show up several times when you have accepted, you will also be removed from this activity.

The continuation and mode transition of these events are up to the organizer's judgement.

If you have any questions about these runs, feel free to speak with Bethi.

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