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Arthon (Grey)
PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:25 am    Post subject: Guild Presentation & Rules


Seers of War was founded by like-minded friends in November 2013 with the goal of creating a small but solid scene where friends could enjoy themselves, by participating in the activities the game offers or simply spend time together. One of the activities that players enjoyed most at the time was raiding, that's how some of them got to know each other and developed bonds. We then aimed to create a team of raiders to engage the content in a relaxed manner but willing to challenge themselves and go as further as possible.

Over the years the guild grew in size and success. As consequence, we expanded our activities: even though the main purpose of the guild is to raid with a serious mindset, that is not where our activities end. Through the lifetime of our guild we have been able to offer our members a variety of events, such as weekly raiding for our social members and friends, meta achievement runs to get those shiny mounts or cosmetics, casual PvP events (RBGs, arena) and now Mythic+ dungeons groups that aim for decent times.

While our guild is sort of a reserved space made by a tight-knit group of players, we welcome any of our current members friends/family and we often open exceptions for players that have a good attitude and wish to be part of this adventure.



The guild has survived the test of time and friendships endured as a result of relationships based on respect and camaraderie. In order to keep things running amicable and maintain the good atmosphere we have, we abide by a general set of simple rules:

  • Be respectful: we have people with different backgrounds and personalities. You must know how deal with opposite views and not take them personal. In turn, don't be overly offensive or have some sort of hate speech. One thing is to make a joke, other is to try to put any member down because of your ideals.

  • No drama: to put it bluntly, if you're seeking an audience for your personal problems and woes, this is not the right place for you and your stay will be shortened.

  • No spoilers in the guild chat: some members prefer not be be spoiled about the lore or new stories while others love to have discussions and speculate about what's coming. The best compromise for any kind is to avoid using the guild chat for this: there are other avenues have these exchanges (such as voice comm, group/whisper chat).


It is important for us people feel welcomed and pleased in this community. If you're a new member do not feel intimidated by the bonds that have been strengthened beforehand. Instead, take the initiative to be a part of something we all share!


If you're looking to apply for our raiding team, take a look at our Trial FAQ.


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